Making Money from Cryptocurrencies – Part 2

Posted on June 24, 2019

By Natalie Lord

If you’re not ready to make a financial investment in cryptocurrencies, there are a number of different ways you can get involved in the space and still earn money.

You could consider working in the cryptocurrency space. If you’re a developer, tester, designer or writer, you can start earning cryptocurrencies in exchange for your services. There are a number of websites or platforms that offer Bitcoins in exchange for services. Take a look at: Jobs4Bitcoins, Coinality, CoinWorker, bitWAGE, Cointiply, XBTFreelancer and Angle.Co.

In doing this, you start to accumulate cryptocurrencies as well as benefit from any price increase in the currency.

Another way to make money in the crypto space is by accepting cryptocurrencies if you’re a merchant. You’ll have access to lots of different Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment processors that can assist in helping you to accept cryptocurrencies.

This works for online business owners and e-commerce websites. The benefit is that you can earn in cryptos and again benefit from the currency appreciation.

Creating content is one of the most popular ways to make money in the crypto industry. The easiest way to start is by creating a blog. You could do this from a platform like, or Siteground.

Start by writing quality content that people will be interested in reading and build a community of readers who will read your blog and share it. If you develop a strong following, brands will approach you to promote their products.

Sites like Steemit, Yours and Y’alls allow you to earn cryptocurrencies for every like a reader gives your article. The better your content, the more readers you’ll have and the more crypto you’ll earn. You’ll need commitment and stamina doing this, but if you’re focused and committed the rewards can be great.

If you’re good at making videos, you could Vlog on sites like The concept is similar and the key is to build a strong following. Once you have amassed a loyalty you’ll be earning decent money every time you post.

Once you’ve started writing or presenting and have grown a following, the next step is to join an affiliate scheme. This means you earn cryptocurrencies from referrals. An affiliate programme works by an agent sending referrals to a platform. You then earn a percentage of what that person spends without doing anything. The upside is that the company increases its revenue flow and traffic and you grow your earnings.

Binance offers a popular affiliate programme, as does Coinbase. It allows users to earn $10 worth of Bitcoin for every user that signs up via their affiliate link and deposits $100.

CEX, eToro, Coinmama and Trezor are other platforms with affiliate programmes.

Affiliate marketing is another arm based on the same concept. Essentially, you promote a service and take a percentage of the income when a user does something. This might be buying ICO tokens or a specific product or signing up to an exchange. Whenever they do this, you earn income.

The natural evolution from this is to look at sponsorships. Many crypto stars benefit from this. A company or brand approaches you (or you can approach them), with a view to creating content for a fee. They will them sponsor a blog post where you write a review about their token or mention them in a video.

The best way to generate income from the sponsorship model is to have a high number of followers or subscribers so the company will get maximum exposure sponsoring you.

Finally, for this week, you could look at setting up what’s called gig economies, This enables you to earn crypto dollars for completing jobs. The jobs might be things like writing, signing up for services, sharing content or reviewing products. Have a look at Coinbucks and Bituro.

The options to generate some level of income in the crypto space are countless. It depends on the commitment you want to make and where your skill base lies. If none of the above methods suit you, next week we take a look at other ways to make money in the space that might be more tempting.




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